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Aveyron Autism Center

KAEFER Abu Dhabi supports Aveyron Autism Center

Aveyron Autism Center has been in contact with KAEFER Abu Dhabi office even before its’ official opening in September 2016. They were seeking support to help them fund the needed equipment and materials to start up the center and make ready for the first batch of students.

After various communication with our Administration Dept., lead by Madan Puri, they visited the center to assess the pressing needs of the students that are already enrolled at the time. KAEFER Abu Dhabi management led by Sanjay Kumar decided to donate various gym equipment that will help the students improve their physical activities. “Increase physical activity has been known to improve fitness levels and general motor function of individuals with autism”. Physical activity also helps an individual with Autism ease repetitive behavior, act as a positive social outlet, increase attention span and reduce the risk of later health condition of obesity and heart disease.

During the last visit in April, we can already see the students utilizing the equipment KAEFER donated to them. The management and staff of Aveyron Autism Center could not be more thankful for the support they received from KAEFER. They have given us their first appreciation certificate.

Special Edition of Nepal Relief K-Flash

Nepal Relief 2015

Blood Donation Camp

On 29th July, 2011 KAEFER UAE organized a blood donation campaign in Ruwais facility where more than 51 employees donated their blood for the noble cause. This campaign was organized with the support of Abu Dhabi Blood Donation Bank which marks beginning of one more social responsibility initiative by KAEFER UAE.

This small initiative by KAEFER UAE will hopefully grow and expand its horizon to other Middle East countries very soon.

Blood Donation Camp
Blood Donation Camp

Environment Day 2013

Under the motto “Plant Trees, Save Our Lives”, two different sustainability activities were carried out at two locations in Abu Dhabi

Valley of Love

Association with Valley of Love for assisting underprivileged workmen undergoing major medical treatments.
Valley of Love

Science India Forum

Association with Science India Forum for education of underprivileged bright students
Science India Forum

KAEFER Middle East Trust

Assist our workmen during need of funds for marriages of their children and for any emergency needs for their near and dears. Also assisted in various humanitarian programs like serving food for poor school children in India.