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Supporting your project from the ground up.

It may sound odd to say that any scaffolding job starts with a conversation. But we firmly believe in talking to our clients to find the best possible solution before any work begins. This may well involve traditional scaffolding, but at KAEFER, we explore as many options as possible to find the most cost-effective and efficient way to meet our clients’ needs.

That’s what exactly we did In Shah Gas, Abu Dhabi, the KAEFER Middle East region first major independent scaffolding contract. From procurement, logistics to installation and dismantling to storage has to be carefully planned. Installation on over 15-kilometer long pipe rack, consisting 295,000 m² suspended and cantilever scaffold, as well as a 95,000 m² tower scaffold, is not an easy feat when working under scorching heat and sandstorms in the middle of nowhere.

In Saudi Arabia, our five years scaffolding services contract for Saudi Aramco’s Ras Tanura and Juaymah refinery, the scaffolding works at Jazan Refinery IGCC project and Khurais GOSP Project are clear manifestations of KAEFER’s capability in scaffolding. We are also supported by our very own competent Scaffolding Design team which has already gained popularity not just within KAEFER but also within the industry.

By using innovative KAEFER thinking and listening to our clients, we managed to save a substantial sum of money at these projects. And we apply the same thinking to provide reliable, efficient and cost-effective traditional scaffolding solutions as well.